PTC Creo: Elite Manufacturing Design at Your Fingertips

Build better products faster with the industry leading CAD software

Creo 10 includes the latest functionality:

  • Composite design and manufacturing
  • Design for electrification and ergonomics
  • Simulation, generative design, and model-based definition (MBD)
  • Advances in additive and subtractive manufacturing

PLUS: Newly released Creo+, the same CAD platform you know and love–now available in a SaaS format

Ready to transform your product development?

Creo: Design the way it should be.

Creo has Everything You Need in One Place

Usability & Productivity

Tapped or threaded holes, geodesic curves, routed systems, sheet metal, Render Studio

MBD & Detailing

Symbol modernization, enhanced detailing capabilities, sketching tools, GD&T Advisor support

Optimization & Simulation

Generative design, steady state-flow analysis in Creo Simulation Live, mesh and deflection control in Creo Ansys Simulation

Additive & Subtractive Manufacturing

Simulation-driven lattices, tray and build direction, 5-axis high-speed machining, 3+2 axis collision-free toolpaths

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In our 20+ years of business as the largest Creo reseller on the West Coast, NxRev has worked with high-level engineering design firms across the country to educate and implement the entire PTC suite of products.