Avoid Parts Duplication, Search and Reuse Woes in Engineering and Beyond

Product complexity leads to more parts which are harder to find and seldolmly governed. This challenge can slow time-to-market and result in increased costs from duplication.

Executing on a parts classification project can save manufacturers millions of dollars and pay many other significant dividends. Parts reuse can help reduce inventory complexity, identify supply chain synergies, and minimize unnecessary aftermarket inventory costs

PTC’s PLM platform, Windchill, ensures parts are classified to align with important attributes such as supplier status and materials used. Within the design phase, teams can classify parts by creating a hierarchical taxonomy, making it easy to break parts down by categories including hardware, software, electrical, sourced components, and more.

  • Reduce product costs
  • Improve lead time
  • Increase efficiency

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PTC Windchill supports rapid, fact-based decisions.

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